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Financing Your Investment in Technology

Making a commitment to quality and excellence means making a commitment to a higher level of manufacturing and the advanced technology required within its components. It is these high quality, technologically advanced components that will enable you to realize the many benefits of your commitment.

Just as Axsys is here with the most technologically advanced equipment and expert engineering services to help you stay at the leading edge of competitiveness, you will also find us to be a great resource for obtaining flexible, affordable financing; financing that helps you implement even the most extensive manufacturing systems and service solutions for your application.

Axsys sales professionals are experienced in equipment finance, software, manufacturing and the market for machine tools. We leverage our relationships with highly qualified and respected financial resources. Our financing partners are experienced in the pricing, structuring, documentation, equipment valuation, tax, accounting and credit underwriting of software, hardware and service solutions.. With these relationships we can assist in obtaining you a financing structure that best suits your company's cash flow requirements as well as your current and future goals.

Leasing equipment has become a valuable tool for our customers in acquiring machines, hardware, software and services. Regardless of lease type or structure, we can work with various sources that can be creative and design transaction terms, types and structures to match your cash flow, tax and accounting objectives.

Fast and Easy Financing

Successful businesses strive to make every dollar count. Working with our partners, we can facilitate attractive financing solutions enabling you to turn your equipment purchase into a strategic advantage for your company.

More than 80 percent of commercial businesses finance their equipment purchases because doing so frees up working capital and credit lines. Equipment financing is the most cost effective means of acquiring assets needed to stimulate business growth with minimal cash outlay.

Why Finance Your Equipment

  • Application-only approvals up to $500,000.
  • Conserve cash and credit lines.
  • Deferred payments.
  • Include freight, tooling, training, installation, etc.
  • Flexible payment structures.
  • No hassle acquisition.






**Rates vary. All finance offerings subject to credit approval. $1.00 buy-out purchase option. Other structures available.


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